Omar’s Stuffed French Toast  14
strawberry/guava cream cheese, almond corn flake breading, guava sauce

French Toast  11
pullman style bread with toasted almonds, organic 100% Dutchess maple syrup
-with fresh seasonal fruit 12 

Buttermilk Pancakes   10
organic 100% pure maple syrup
 -choice of banana, blueberry, strawberry 1.00 each fruit 


La Isla Huevos Rancheros   13
two poached eggs, spicy tomato sauce, fried tortilla shell, black beans, side of rice
-queso blanco 1.00

Churrasco a Caballo con Arroz y Frijoles Negros  25
grilled skirt steak, red onion, fried eggs, rice and black beans

Huevos Rotos 12
fried eggs over french fries, Spanish chorizo, shishito peppers

Breakfast Burrito  12
scrambled egg, home-fried potatoes, black beans, chorizo, manchego cheese

Avocado Toast   12
toasted 7-grain bread, smashed and sliced avocado, baby arugula, fried egg, pickled red onions

La Papa   13
our own stuffed potato, topped with crispy bacon, two fried eggs, melted swiss cheese, salsa ranchera and field greens

Cubaquiles  13  V
tortilla and plantain chips simmered in red chili tomato sauce, topped with red onions, queso, fried eggs, crema and cilantro
Omit egg for Vegan option.
Grilled Steak   7  /  Pulled Chicken  3

La Isla Egg Sandwich  12
egg, bacon, tomato, avocado, red onion, multigrain or Cuban bread

Huevos al Gusto con Papas y Tostada  9
two eggs any style served with home fries and toast

A Tu Manera  12
fluffy egg omelette, home fries, toast with your choice of 3 fillings
spinach – tomato – onion – mushroom – sweet plantain swiss – american – queso blanco – manchego – chorizo – bacon

-egg white omelette additional $2


Avena  7
old fashioned oats cooked in milk
-with mixed fresh fruit (banana, blueberry, mango, strawberry) 7.00

Yogurt & Granola  9
with fresh fruit


*not pressed

El Cubano 10.00
pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickle, garlic mojo

Pan con Bistec 12.00
thin beefsteak, lettuce, tomato, onion, tomato, potato sticks

Churrasco Sandwich 16.00
grilled sliced skirt steak, caramelized onions, chimichurri sauce, potato sticks

Pan con Lechon 11.00
roast pork, garlic mojo

Choripan 10.00
grilled chorizo & onions, potato sticks

Croqueta Preparada 9.00
smoked ham croquette, swiss cheese, ham, pickle, garlic mojo

Media Noche 10.00
roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickle, garlic mojo, cuban brioche

Havana Club* 12.00
triple decker sandwich, grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, avocado, onion, multi grain bread, mayonnaise

Chicken Breast Sandwich 10.00
grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, potato sticks

Fried Chicken Sandwich* 12.00
bacon tomato, avocado, jalapeño aioli, toasted brioche bun, house made chips

Cuban Reuben 13.00
corned beef, braised short rib, swiss cheese, pickle, mustard caraway seed mojo

Veggie Cubano Sandwich 10.00
grilled portobello, grilled onion, swiss cheese, pickles, truffled mojo


Empanada de Pollo o Carne 4.50 ea
turnover filled with chicken or beef

Cubanada Empanada 5.00 ea
pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickle, garlic mojo

Vegan Empanada  5.00 ea.
curried cauliflower, potato and edamame beans with mango-pineapple chutney

Croqueta de Jamón 3.00 ea
smoked ham and onion croquette

Papa Rellena 5.00 ea
mashed potato stuffed with ground beef
with salsa ranchera $1.00 extra


Add to your salad:
chicken  5  /  shrimp  7  /  skirt steak  11

Ensalada De Verano  14.00
watermelon, cucumber, arugula, goat cheese, toasted almonds, ginger-honey vinaigrette

Espinaca y Remolacha 12.00
baby spinach, mango, avocado, roasted beets, oranges, onion, macadamia nuts, blue cheese, champagne vinaigrette

El Caesar Cubano 12.00
kale, romaine, caesar dressing, fried chickpeas, manchego cheese

Latin Waldorf Chicken Salad  14.00
chicken, baby spinach, green apple, grapes, blue cheese, creamy oregano vinaigrette


Batidos 5.00

Made with milk or just blended with ice choice of one fruit
-each additional fruit 1.00
coconut – sour sop – mango – guava mamey – papaya – wheat – banana

Morir Soñando 5.00

Frappé made with fresh orange juice, evaporated milk and sugar


Pecan Smoked Bacon or Chorizo Español  5

Yuca Trufa  8.00
yuca fries, truffle oil

Homefries  V

Cuban Toast or Multigrain Toast  2

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Cup  V

Platanos Maduros sweet plantains  5  V

Arroz con Gandules  sm 3.50  –  lg 5  V
yellow rice with pigeon peas

White Rice  sm 3.50  –  lg 4.50  V

Black Beans  sm 4  –  med 5  –  lg 7  V

Half Avocado 5.00 V