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La Isla Restaurant in downtown Hoboken has been a local favorite for two generations. Featuring 39 seats in total and no liquor license (BYOB welcome!), it’s a Cuban diner setting right out of Little Havana or the Hudson County expatriate community that flourished in the 1970’s and continues to this day.

With a staff that averages over 10 years at La Isla, it’s an organic place where you will always run into a familiar face both in front and behind the counter. Equally popular with the local work force, local police and Wall Street commuters, it’s a happy place where Hoboken’s remarkable mix of people is happy to find a seat and mingle effortlessly while experiencing the simple pleasure of Cuban cuisine at its purest.

About The Chef /
Omar Giner

Chef-owner Omar Giner draws equally upon his heritage and professional training to produce some of the most authentic, as well as some of the most creative, interpretations of Cuban cuisine…