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In an austere environment it is likely you will have to make the diagnosis on the basis of the history alone and will never be 100% certain of the diagnosis generic 160 mg malegra fxt plus with amex. Any medical text will provide details of the history and clinical features associated with a heart attack discount 160mg malegra fxt plus visa. If on the basis of this it appears likely the patient suffering from a heart attack treatment is relatively limited purchase malegra fxt plus 160mg without prescription. The single therapy that will save the most lives is daily aspirin or an herbal preparation made of willow bark 160 mg malegra fxt plus. Death is usually due to lethal heart rhythms and without access to a defibrillator then there is very little which can be done in an austere situation. If a patient who has been having chest pain collapses in front of you, a precordial thump (a firm – but not excessive – blow with a closed fist delivered to the lower third of the breast bone) may be useful and can sometimes revert a lethal heart rhythm – it delivers the equivalent of 5-10 joules of energy to the heart – compared with 200-300 with a defibrillator. A wide range of medications are used during and after a heart attack to reduce the incidence of death and complications. Information regarding these can be found in most of the major references – but access to these is unlikely in an austere or disaster environment. For the majority of injuries direct pressure, elevation +/- a tourniquet will stop bleeding. In circumstances where this is insufficient the most common cause is an injury to a large vein or artery, or where access to apply direct pressure or a tourniquet is limited. The dry layer indicates the blood is as concentrated as it will become (no more free water to absorb). The clot is a "fragile" clot and must be re-dressed with a pressure dressing/bandage or bleeding will re-occur due to damage/blow out of the clot. In an uncontrolled haemorrhage model in pigs the QuikClot dressing improved survival and decreased bleeding. The temperature rises more sharply when the QuikClot granules encounter water compared with blood. The temperature rises within 30–60 seconds and lasts several minutes, with a peak between 42°C and 44°C for about 30 seconds. They accelerate haemostasis by concentrating coagulation products around the spheres. It is more suitable for minor to moderate bleeding or ooze over a larger area, such as an abrasion or skin graft donor site (not an austere indication! It bonds with blood cells to form a clot, and also has some antimicrobial - 181 - Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction effect. There was some concern early on regarding those with seafood allergies, but this appears to be unfounded. If you are limited in what you can get, we suggest you purchase and expand in this order. All are good broad spectrum antibiotics and have different strengths and weakness. We suggest you purchase an antibiotic guide, most medical bookshops have small pocket guides for junior doctors detailing which drug to use for which bug and outlining local sensitivities. If allergic to penicillin a macrolide such as Erythromycin can generally be used interchangeably where a penicillin based antibiotic is indicated. It is only a small minority (a few %) of patients who develop a rash who if re-exposed will develop a life threatening allergic reaction. If you are in an disaster situation (with no medical help) with a life saving indication for a penicillin-based antibiotic, and a history of only a mild rash, and no alternative available, it is reasonable to give a single dose of antibiotic and be prepared for an allergic reaction. If you have had a serious allergic reaction before (breathing problems, swollen lips or tongue, low blood pressure, or a wide spread lumpy red rash) then you should avoid - 182 - Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction penicillin-based antibiotics under all circumstances and plan your medical supplies accordingly. A reasonable general rule would be 48 hours after resolution of most major symptoms.

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This visually exaggerates smaller changes in the axis that is drawn to the larger scale (Fig discount 160 mg malegra fxt plus otc. Therefore cheap malegra fxt plus 160 mg, both axes should have their vari- ables drawn to roughly the same scale (Fig buy malegra fxt plus 160 mg mastercard. This makes the change in mean final exam scores appear to be much greater (relatively) than 80 they truly are buy malegra fxt plus 160mg without a prescription. Although the change in mean final exam scores still appears to 80 be relatively greater than they truly are, the reader is notified that this distortion is occurring. This consists of the use of three-dimensional shapes to demon- strate the difference between two groups, usually the effect of a drug on a patient outcome. One example uses cones of different heights to demonstrate the dif- ference between the endpoint of therapy for the drug produced by the company and its closest competitor. Visually, the cones represent a larger volume than sim- ple bars or even triangles, making the drug being advertised look like it caused a much larger effect. This makes it appear as if the change in mean 80 final exam scores occurred over a much shorter time period than in reality. The stem is made up of the digits on the left side of each value (tens, hundreds, or higher) and the leaves are the digits on the right side (units, or lower) of each number. Let’s take, for example, the following grades on a hypothetical statistics exam: Review of basic statistics 97 Fig. In creating the stem-and-leaf plot, first list the tens digits, and then next to them all the units digits which have that ‘tens’ digit in common. This can be rotated 90◦ counterclockwise and redrawn as a bar graph or his- togram. The x-axis shows the categories, the tens digits in our example, and the y-axis shows the number of observations in each category. The y-axis can also show the percentages of the total that each observation occurs in each category. This shows the relationship between the independent variable, in this case the exam scores, and the dependent variable, in this instance the number of students with a score in each 10% increment of grades. As a rule, the author should attempt to make the contrast between bars on a histogram as clear as possible. The central line in the box is the median, the middle value of the data as will be described below. The box edges are the 25th and 75th percentile values and the lines on either side represent the limits of 95% of the data. Measures of central tendency and dispersion There are two numerical measures that describe a data set, the central tendency and the dispersion. There are three measures of central tendency, describing the center of a set of variables: the mean, median, and mode. In this equation, xi is the numeri- cal value of the i th data point and n is the total number of data points. These are extreme numbers on either the high or low end of the distribution that will produce a high degree of skew. There will not be a truly representative central value if the data are highly skewed and the mean can misstate the data. It makes more sense to 100 Essential Evidence-Based Medicine Fig. The mean should not be used for ordi- nal data and is meaningless in that setting unless the ordinal data has been shown to behave like continuous data in a symmetrical distribution. This is a common error and may invalidate the results of the experiment or portray them in a misleading manner. It should be used when deal- ing with ordinal variables or when the data are highly skewed. The mode is the most common value or the one value with the largest number of data points. It is used for describing nominal and ordinal data and is rarely used in clinical studies. The stan- dard error of the mean is a measure that describes the dispersion of a group of samples. It should be given whenever there is either a large spread of data values with many outliers or when the range is asymmetrical about the value of central tendency.

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Young control the market cheap malegra fxt plus 160mg fast delivery, resulting in the indiscriminate people are less likely to trust prevention messages application of severe penalties buy cheap malegra fxt plus 160 mg on line. Around the world generic malegra fxt plus 160mg amex, the vast majority of arrests are of Successful models of prevention have tended to target these nonviolent and low-ranking ‘little fsh’ in the drug particular groups at risk – gang members discount 160mg malegra fxt plus with visa, children in market. They are most visible and easy to catch, and do care, or in trouble at school or with the police – with not have the means to pay their way out of trouble. Implemented to a and with no impact on the scale or proftability of suffcient scale, these programs have the potential the market. Offer a wide and easily accessible range of options fghting the drug war, many countries implement laws for treatment and care for drug dependence, and punishments that are out of proportion to the including substitution and heroin-assisted treatment, seriousness of the crime, and that still do not have a with special attention to those most at risk, including signifcant deterrent effect. Invest more resources in evidence-based prevention, a tragic loss of potential for the individual involved, with a special focus on youth. Clearly, the most valuable investment would be in activities that stop young people from using drugs in Preventing and treating drug dependence is therefore the frst place, and that prevent experimental users a key responsibility of governments – and a valuable from becoming problematic or dependent users. In the – have been implemented and proven in a range of face of growing evidence of the failure of these strategies, socio-economic and cultural settings. Governments should ensure that their drug dependence There are a number of ways to make progress on this treatment facilities are evidence-based and comply with objective. We therefore welcome the change of tone millions of citizens are sent to prison unnecessarily, emerging from the current administration50 – with millions more suffer from the drug dependence of President Obama himself acknowledging the futility loved ones who cannot access health and social care of a ‘war on drugs’ and the validity of a debate on services, and hundreds of thousands of people die from alternatives. Getting drug policy right is not a matter for theoretical or intellectual debate – it is one of the key policy challenges of our time. High Commissioner calls for focus on human rights and harm reduction in ashx Accessed 05. Plus programs” System,” International Journal of Drug Policy, Volume 21, (1), 2010, pp. Alex Wodak, Australian Drug Law Assessing supply-side policy and practice: eradication Reform Foundation and alternative development www. Otherwise, almost all medicines can be thrown in the household trash, but only after consumers take the precautionary steps as outlined below. A small number of medicines may be especially harmful if taken by someone other than the person for whom the medicine was prescribed. Many of these potentially harm- ful medicines have specifc disposal instructions on their labeling or patient information to immediately fush them down the sink or toilet when they are no longer needed. Drug narcotic pain relievers and other con- adverse human health effects from Enforcement Administration, trolled substances carry instructions drug residues in the environment. For example, the fentanyl patch, The agency reviewed its drug labels to deadiversion. ResourcesForYou/Consumers/ containers and mix them with “Even after a patch is used, a lot of BuyingUsingMedicineSafely/ an undesirable substance, such the medicine remains in the patch,” EnsuringSafeUseofMedicine/ as used coffee grounds or kitty says Jim Hunter, R. Place the tially dangerous narcotic that could with inhalers used by people who mixture in a sealable bag, empty harm others. A and can enter the environment after medicine that works for you could passing through waste water treat- Find this and other Consumer be dangerous for someone else. Protection Agency take the concerns of fushing certain medicines in the Sign up for free e-mail Bernstein says the same disposal environment seriously, there has subscriptions at www. Research shows that frequently people don’t have enough information, or have the wrong information, about drugs. Knowing the facts makes it easier to talk about drugs in an open and informed way. Every drug has side-effects and risks, but some drugs have more risks than others, especially illegal drugs. These are: What drug is used Who is using the drug (especially their mood and personality) Why they are using the drug Where and How they are using the drug Different drugs create different problems for different people. To begin to understand the problem, you have to know what is happening in the life of the person who is using the drug and what drug they are using. For example, you may take medicine when you are sick, alcohol to help you relax or coffee to help you stay awake.

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